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A landfill on the tip of the Promontory cape on the Great Salt Lake is on the verge of opening for business

A controversial landfill located at the rocky southern tip of the Promontory Point cape jutting into the Great Salt Lake has secured the final permit needed to open for business. Now all it needs is its first customer.   Weber County might just fill that bill, with all three county commissioners expressing interest in a…
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50 Recycling & Trash Statistics That Will Make You Think Twice About Your Trash

Over 2,000 landfills are currently open in the United States, making our country an uglier place. And although they’re often camouflaged fairly well, the negative issues that accompany landfills remain. Underneath the makeup that’s been plastered on landfills lay toxins, greenhouse gases, and leachate – all of which present concerning threats to our planet. If we want…
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How to Dispose of an Old Mattress

Here’s how to dispose of an old mattress! The obvious answer is to ensure that when you buy a new mattress, you always arrange for your old mattress to be removed by the company that sold you the new one. Their van can be filled with old mattresses when they return to their depot. It is…
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