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To Continue Reducing Waste – Understand the Psychological Factors

To continue reducing waste and apply the circular economy, understanding the psychological factors will become essential. When something is broken, I’ll normally try to get it fixed before it goes into the bin. But, I am in the minority it seems. In a conversation with a colleague the other day, I was shocked to hear that he would rather put things out for…
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For Mexico City, a Repurposed Landfill

In developing countries, closing a landfill often means just that: locking the gate and walking away. But when Mexico City’s government shut down the giant Bordo Poniente landfill last December, officials announced that they had a full-blown plan for the site. As I write in Friday’s Times, the city aims to capture the methane gas produced by the…
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Landfill Safety: Is No Accident

Picture a landscape where the earth can spontaneously combust. Where the terrain is so unstable that it is prone to collapse and sinkage. Where multi-ton vehicles can tip over like toy cars. Visitors here must be constantly monitored to ensure their safety and to avoid the introduction of materials that could upset the delicate environment.…
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How Can Factory Managers Efficiently Manage Their Waste?

Managing a large facility is a major undertaking, especially when waste volumes are high. These waste products might be inactive or hazardous, so they must be treated with the proper care. As factory managers continually improve their surroundings, dealing with waste is one of their top managerial priorities. Consider the top strategies for waste management today. Factory…
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The Way Landfills Operate – United States

The trash tossed in dumpsters goes through a long journey that normally ends in a landfill. A landfill is a place where waste and disposable materials are stored. Landfills in the past (also known as dumps) went unmonitored, easily bred contamination, and attracted disease-carrying pests. Today, landfills are regulated and waste management employees go through several steps to safely…
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Where Do Plastic Bags Go?

Each season has its unique traits. Some are good, some are not so good. This depends upon who you talk to of course. One of the benefits of winter is the view, which brings a barren type of beauty. There is no doubt that leaves and green landscapes are appealing, but as an outdoor enthusiast…
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How to Dispose of an Old Mattress

Here’s how to dispose of an old mattress! The obvious answer is to ensure that when you buy a new mattress, you always arrange for your old mattress to be removed by the company that sold you the new one. Their van can be filled with old mattresses when they return to their depot. It is…
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Reducing Your Landfill Contribution

Reducing our consumption of waste is now more important than ever. Large amounts of waste, including non-recyclable items, are sent to landfills every day. The easiest way to reduce our landfill contribution is to start at the source and reduce how much waste we produce, recyclable or not. Luckily, there are many ways to get…
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Dump Truck Safety Tips To Prevent You From Looking Like An Idiot

Like most oilfield jobs, dump trucking can be a very dangerous gig if not performed correctly. Don’t believe me? Do yourself a favor and type in the words “dump truck accidents” in the Google search box. Hell, I’ll even do it for you. By looking at the results it doesn’t take a brainiac to see how…
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Mining for Treasure Within our Waste: Landfill mining

Are you ready to do some gold digging? Don’t treat waste only as waste. It is time we exploit the vast pool of resources readily available to us, and landfill mining seems to be an obvious solution… For decades, even centuries, humans have treated waste as exactly that: a waste. Nature works in closed loops,…
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