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How many curbside recycling programs have been cut?

The past few years have brought sweeping changes to U.S. recycling programs, with the fallout from international policy decisions and a fluctuating market still ongoing. That reality has fed a narrative that recycling is in peril. Multiple municipalities have limited their curbside programs and some local officials have argued anywhere between hundreds to thousands of…
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6 Dump Truck Mechanical Systems & How They Work

Dump Trucks One of the most famous and easily recognized vehicles utilized in construction projects, is the dump truck.  Around the world, you will find dump trucks. The hauling of materials is necessary in the construction industry.  This construction equipment comes in huge and daunting sizes. Dump Truck Bed The dump bed allows for the…
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Baltimore stays air pollution law pending resolution of Wheelabrator lawsuit

Brief: Baltimore has agreed to a stay of the city’s Clean Air Act until a lawsuit with several parties, including Wheelabrator and Curtis Bay Energy, is resolved. The decision came after a Jan. 29 teleconference call between city officials, plaintiffs and the U.S. District Court of Maryland. Judge George L. Russell issued a memorandum following the call…
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Bioenergy DevCo Advances Expansion Plans

BDC’s plan is to continue to expand its North American footprint, working with municipalities and corporations to develop anaerobic digestion facilities. Bioenergy DevCo (BDC) is building an anaerobic digester (AD) to be co-located with the Maryland Food Center, servicing one of the largest food terminals on the East Coast. As this Howard County, Md., project, which will…
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LA Sanitation Commits to 100% Electric Refuse Truck Fleet

Leaders convened to discuss the progress LA has made toward electrifying itst transportation sector and what lies ahead to reach zero emissions. Leaders in Los Angeles County’s transportation and energy industries gathered for a panel discussion in downtown Los Angeles on January 22 to discuss their commitments to heavy-duty, zero emissions vehicles. The panel event,…
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Mississippi denies permit for controversial landfill proposal

UPDATE: January 14, 2020: The Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) has denied NCL Waste a permit for what would have been Madison County’s third landfill. The MDEQ permit board voted 5-2 to deny the Team Waste subsidiary’s efforts, the Clarion-Ledger reported. The decision came after the vote was postponed in December following prolonged outcry from local officials and protests from…
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What Lies Ahead for the Waste Management Industry?

The global waste management market has seen dramatic growth over the last few years. From being valued at $330.6 billion in 2017, it is expected to reach $530.0 billion by 2025. Right from converting waste into something as valuable as energy to charging for improper disposal, the global attitude towards waste management has changed a…
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What to know about landfill safety

Improved safety is something everyone in the waste sector strives for, but successfully implementing site-specific protocols that generate results is easier said than done. Thanks to the confluence of heavy machinery and a mix of professional hauler and residential customers, landfills can be especially precarious places to navigate. At Blue Ridge Services, a solid waste consulting…
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EPA makes Georgia 2nd state to operate coal ash program, proposes ‘efficient’ rule for other 48

Georgia will become the second state to operate its own coal ash permitting program, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced in late December. The approval coincides with a proposal by the agency to issue new federal permits for coal ash disposal, expected to save less than $1 million annually. The proposal specifically addresses states that don’t operate their…
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Both Private and Public Landfill’s Throughout The Nation

Kentucky Suzie Davidson Fairfax County I-95 landfill 9850 Furnace Road Lorton, VA 22079 Permit # VA PBR 510 Suzie Davidson (703) 324-5230 [email protected] Kent Martin Martin Tire Recycling, LLC 2071 US Highway 60 West Marion, Kentucky 42064 Permit #VA 556 (270) 965-3613 [email protected] Ron Kimble RTOP/Frederick County 280 Landfill Rd. Winchester, VA. 22602 Permit #…
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